Things happened in recent 1 month

At last, I did quit my job.

The company I used to work for did make a lot of interests by selling mobile phone game virtual currency (About 2,600,000 USD cash flow per month), as we called gems. But they still have not figure out how to divide the incomes with their publisher. So I still have no profit sharing.

As they told me the amount of profits I will get can only cover my tuition fee for one year, that does not include the cost of food, lodging and equipments, I have low passion on dealing with my works. Instead, I start to thinking about make some design that noteworthy in my resume.

Reviewed the source code of old WebFusion project that was written in Java. I found that I can make a better architecture by using the knowledge I have learned from my employed works. Improving the performance and robustness of the whole system. So, I announced the cancellation of the old project and start new one from scratch codenamed odin. The new design will be revealed in other article in this blog.

I have meet my study buddy and best friend, they informed me that I may off schedule on the plan to prepare for language tests. That is not a good news to me but I have confidence to catch up the schedule. I know my weaknesses, what I need to do is keep practicing.


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