Hewlett-Packard Hackathon 2015 Shanghai Station

After discovered myself controlled the situation of TOEFL studying. I signed into the Hackathon as a hacker to meet some friends.

The activity was held by Hewlett-Packard in a luxury hotel. Food and drinks there are really great. Most of all, I can meet some people there to get to know their abilities and life-style.

I choose distributed computing system as the subject and gathered some 2 teammates. As the leader of the team, I did all of the development. This was 24 hours without a sleep, but I felt quite energized.

One of my team member is a leader of ACM campus team in their school, he seeks for engineering  experience. I taught him some basic concepts of functional programming, lisp and clojure. He seems interested but did helped my development.IMG_2122

Another team member is a male high school student with long hair and a girly nick name. He helped me on the keynote animation.

Mostly I do the coding job. When I want to take some rest, I walk around and joined some topic about their school life, works, rumours, weapons, drones, machine learning, and much more. I just hear their conversation and watch their works.

Most of the team spent a lot of time on keynotes. But I spent my time on development. The development is a success, I achieved the goal of my primary design. But I lack of time and energy on speech and explanation. Finally I loose the game. The team of first prize made a fantastic keynote and humor speech, but their code-works are not the same thing of their design. Others did not do much coding either. I felt a bit disappointed about this.

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