Building a Graph Engine -- Key-Value Store -- Off-heap Trunks

I have already finish the memory storage part of the k-v store. Early version was based on java byte array. Then I started concerned about it's constancy between threads in heavy load. I put this question on the Stackoverflow, one employee from OpenHFT confirmed my concern and gave me a solution to resolve this issue.

Off-heap features from sun.misc.Unsafe is something every java developer should avoid because it will blow up applications if it was not been used correctly. It could bypass java memory management including garbage collection to allocate up to TBs of spaces in memory directly like what we usually did in C programming language. It can also avoid thread cache and memory fence, which could accelerate the program and also produce the thread  inconstancy.

I once considered use off-heap before I tried the byte array, but I was worried about that I might not be able to handle those low level operations, and there is no official documents for unsafe because it is an internal API. I realised that the inconstancy is a huge impact on performance because I have to use read write lock or make every write operations in on thread. The byte array also have problem on it's maximum size of about 2G bytes, I have to make multiply trunks to contain more data than that.

Taking over full control of memory management seemed crucial to this project. I was never bothered to try new things to make my works more powerful. After further research on off-heap and helps from Peter Lawrey, I spent about one hour to transform my original approach to off-heap. Most of the primary data types in unsafe have native implementations, which made my work much easier. Tests indicated the performance impact are almost identical compare to the byte array approach. I also meet some JVM crashes during debugging defragmentation because I forgot to add the base address to the offset when performing copy memory, except that, everything is holding tight.

Although it would be fine if the unsafe was used properly, but it will need additional safeguard like preventing write out of the bound to avoid crashing the whole JVM when the pure java approach may just throw an exception instead.

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