As a software engineer at Microsoft S01E01

It have been a looong time since last time I write something here and it is already 2018. A lot of things happened during 2017 and I just don't feel like it to write them down. I implemented a in-memory transactional key-value database,  a interpreter for future use as a scripting language for Morpheus, an experimental decentralized file system based on blockchain architecture, bifrost have been through several iteration and become more robust.

The most notable is Factual fired me together with my team in Shanghai. Then, I am here at Microsoft, the exact opposite of what I used to as a programmer: Java to C#, Linux to Windows, IntelliJ to Visual Studio, MacBook to ThinkPad, luckily I can still use Google Chrome here.

There is nothing wrong with Microsoft except I need to get used to those tools and techniques that I have already give up or not not been touched at all. I am a fast learner so this is not an issue. The food here is great and free, there is a GYM, I started to loose some weight, and colleges are good people, My manager even willing to discuss with me some topic on software architecture that is not related to my work at all.

There is one thing that tipped my impression on Microsoft after I learned about it is that it is no long that one leaded by Steve Ballmer. It's focus is moving to cloud computing, like moving to search engine 4 years ago (although that was a failure). The conversion have already paid off, it's stock market price rises rocket high. The company used to sale it's own products, like Windows Server and SQL Server, have been providing various of chooses that customer needs. Database fields, Azure have managed MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQL Server and more coming. They even have managed Kubernetes Linux container services. Yes, that Linux used to been called cancer now have over half of  the occupation in Microsoft Azure Virtual Machine service, and they love it.

The team I joined is responsible for global MySQL database service on Microsoft Azure cooperate with Data group. At the time I start to work there the project have been for years and it's almost ready for general availability. The first few month there is get used to the workflow, fix some bugs, do some minor improvements that does not impact much. Typical works for first few month in a mega software company.

I do looking forward to this adventure.

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