Hello world!

I created this blog, to take notes from my software development, daily studying and language practice. Considering the dishonoured network condition in my country, which is so-called the only communism region in this world, I setup this site in the US, avoiding unpleasants paperwork.

As you can see I am not a native English speaker. But I intend to improve my skills for better understanding of the material I read and represent my thought. You can consider it as the struggle from a young and angry man which have early midlife crisis.

A little more about myself. I am a software engineer now working for a game company which made the potential most popular League of Legends theme mobile game in China. Responsible for architecture of server clusters. I built a middleware that make the cluster scalable to bear the increasing players only with deploying a single machine. This design helped my company reduced the costs on hardware and maintenance manpower. I also built the backstage tools for operation team alone. Those works consists of business intelligence,logging system and player/content management systems. Operation team use it as reliable sources for analyzing data and decision making. When our chief server programmer was too busy, I helped him to finish some work like VIP system (which is the system for stimulating players to pay more in our game by providing various discount) and messaging system. I also skilled in iOS programming, when the client team have some trouble with native layer, I also provide supports like In App Purchase.

Before employed, I was busy on a project name WebFusion, integrating information from various web services. Providing instant messaging, micro-blogging, e-mail and content recommending systems. If you are interested, take a look at https://www.shisoft.net/. This project is paused due to lacking of time to maintain when employed.

I am not pleased with my job right now. It was interesting in the beginning because I learned new stuff and did improved my skills. But that feeling faded out when I found most of my work was something like CRUD, I found it boring. I really want to continue working on WebFusion project in my spare time but when employed, the job squeezed out my time. Building such complex system requires knowledge that I need a lot of time to learn. Then I realized that I  will never have a chance to create things I really care about. So I decide to quit my job and get a chance for overseas studying. My boss said I am crazy, but really, I DON'T CARE. I had enough with those incessant unpaid overtime works and there is no anything like profit share contract for me, so beat it!